Comprehensive approach

Solution selection

We analyze the needs and make an appropriate selection of the installation, which will allow for cost optimization, both at the investment and operation stage.

Installation implementation

We perform full installation of the purchased installations, together with their start-up and initial configuration. We are also often responsible for the application to the Office of Technical Inspection.

Comprehensive offer

Convenient HelpDesk

We take care of the operation of the installation and equipment in a comprehensive manner - we propose an inspection and maintenance plan and respond to service requests on an ongoing basis.

Technical support

we offer 12 months of technical support, we train in use and provide technical support also after the order completion.

Innovative eco-technologies

Photovoltaic glass

Generating electricity by combining the advantages of facade glass with photovoltaic panel. We specialize in the implementation of facade glass, which acts as an insulator of sound, UV, IR rays on the object and glass with three levels of translucency.

Car charging stations

We implement EV devices which are a very important element in the development of electromobility and the future of motorization. Responding to various market needs, we offer commercial stations with several payment options, portable for quick disassembly and stationary for home or hotel.

E-chargers for mobile devices

Installation of e-chargers allows charging mobile devices outside the home, in various public places. We are developing networks of e-chargers, which can be compact and dedicated to be placed on a desk, designed for outdoor installation or serving as an advertising medium.

E-mobility solution

We create and support the development of software and the selection of infrastructure needed for Zero Emission Zones. Creating such zones gives greater opportunities to clean up space both in the city and in larger industrial centers.

Benefits of solutions


optimising energy
and battery costs


ograniczenie kosztów eksploatacji przy zwiększonej efektywności


implementation of solutions beneficial for the environment


gaining technological advantage on the market


offer from advice to technical support


translation into long-term revenue

Cooperation Process

Analysis of needs and possibilities

Preparation of a dedicated solution

Proposal of price offer and financing possibilities

Installation and implementation of the solution

HelpDesk, maintenance and service


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Nicole Polak-Rajczyk

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Henryk Chwiendacz

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Grzegorz Puss

Technical Manager

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